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About tangle-foot

I worked in the corporate world until an existential crisis ruined my life. I then decided to dissolve my tired, trembling bones in plant medicine in the hope that what remained of me would point in a meaningful direction. I got what I needed. In the years that followed I became a student of this crooked old path, married a plant witch and together we facilitated retreats for many crazy and lovable souls. Recently I re-entered civilization, where I hustle, hatch plans and search for meaning. I live with my wife and border collie in Australia. Our site is

Plant Diets — Reflections from Plumb Shack

Stumbling down the sweaty and tortuous jungle path deeply, you may happen upon Plumb Shack, an oasis for the curious, confused and quietly desperate wayfarer of consciousness.


The bearded strolling weasel over there is me. Don’t be alarmed; I used to be civilized and can still pretend well enough. Continue reading